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Wed. Dec 3rd 2014
2015 DVFD Election Results

DICKINSON VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, INC. 2015 OFFICERS   On December 1, 2014 the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department,...

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Thu. Dec 5th 2013
2014 DVFD Election Results

    DICKINSON VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, INC. 2014 OFFICERS   On December 2, 2013 the Dickinson Volun...

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Sat. Dec 22nd 2012
2013 DVFD Election Results

DICKINSON VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, INC. 2013 OFFICERS   On December 3, 2012 the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Depart...

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Welcome to Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department Inc.




Kids the School Bus and YouKids the School Bus and You, DOT HS 808 423 July 1996


Home PictureFor twenty three million students nationwide, the school day begins and ends with a trip on a school bus. The greatest risk is not riding the bus, but approaching or leaving the bus. Before children go back to school or start school for the first time, it is essential that adults and children know traffic safety rules.


  • When backing out of a driveway or leaving a garage, watch out for children walking or bicycling to school.
  • When driving in neighborhoods with school zones, watch out for young people who may be thinking about getting to school, but may not be thinking of getting there safely.
  • Slow down. Watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks in neighborhood.
  • Slow down. Watch for children playing and congregating near bus stops.
  • Be alert. Children arriving late for the bus may dart into the street with out looking for traffic.
  • Learn and obey the school bus laws in your state. Learn the "flashing signal light system" that school bus drivers use to alert motorists of pending actions:
    • Yellow flashing lights indicate that the bus is preparing to stop to load or unload children. Motorists should slow down and prepare to stop their vehicles.
    • Red flashing lights and extended stop arms indicate that the bus has stopped, and that children are getting on or off. Motorists must stop their cars and wait until the red lights stop flashing, the extended stop sign is withdrawn, and the bus begins moving before they can start driving again.


  • Get to the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • When the bus approaches, stand at least three giant steps (6 feet) away from the curb, and line up away from the street.
  • Wait until the bus stops, the door opens, and the driver says that it's okay before stepping onto the bus.
  • If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk on the sidewalk or along the side of the road to a point at least five giant steps (10 feet) ahead of the bus before you cross. Be sure that the bus driver can see you, and you can see the bus driver.
  • Use the handrails to avoids falls. When exiting the bus, be careful that clothing with drawstrings, and book bags with straps don't get caught in the handrails or doors.
  • Never walk behind the bus.
  • Walk at least three giant steps away from the side of the bus.
  • If you drop something near the bus, tell the bus driver. Never try to pick it up because the driver may not be able to see you.

School PictureParents

  • Teach children to follow these common sense practices to make school bus transportation safer.




Tips for Safe School Bus Riding

For a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school, follow these rules:

1. Leave home early enough to arrive at your bus stop on tme.

2. Wait for your bus in a safe place- well off the roadway

3. Enter your bus in an orderly manner and take your seat.

4. Follow the instructions of your school bus driver or bus patrol.

5. Remain in your seat while your bus is in motion.

6. Keep your head and arms in the bus at all times.

7. Keep aisles clear at all times.

8. Remain quiet and orderly

9. Be courteous to your school bus driver and fellow passengers.

10. Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus.

11. Walk to you bus stop -- avoid asking your parents to drive you there.



***** Please discuss the tips for safe school bus riding with your children and ask them to learn the school bus driver’s name.

Your children should understand that school bus riding is a privilege. Permission to continue riding can be withdrawn if they don’t behave. *****







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